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January 30, 2015

Mobile Design
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About This Project

Lofty Expert wants YOU to be the EXPERT, by evaluating our fine art, collectibles and antiques, in a simple and challenging way.

It’s fun, easy to navigate, organized and exciting to peruse! You will find a wealth of art and antiques, form pearl earrings to Persian rugs, designer handbags, limited edition art prints and so much more.
How Lofty Expert works:
– answer the question by pressing the “agree” or “disagree” button;
– get instant feedback from the Lofty Expert community;
– easily filter the categories of art.

You will also find out more about our pieces of art, because each image is accompanied by a description of the piece, including the time period, condition of the art, provenance and artist information.

Want to be an art expert? Test your knowledge of art&antiques. Discover the treasures worth. Instant opinion. Real people. Compete with others.

It’s fun and easy!

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