Senior UX/UI Product Designer


Hello, I’m Alex.

I am lucky enough to have found my real calling. Working with UX & Interaction Design to close the gap between developers and customers has been part of my dreams for years. I believe life is too short to do things you are not passionate about and work in places you don’t want to be, creating stuff you wouldn’t want to use. So make no mistake, I am not your average designer.

While I do believe skill is necessary, I like to think it’s passion, drive and attitude that keep the best of us going – skills can always be taught.

I am always eager to learn more, creative, self motivated and I believe that my passion, varied skillset, all-around experience, character and strong work ethic are assets that my employers would speak positively about, given a chance to describe me.

Gets me up and running: UX, Usability, Product Design, Interface design, User testing, Prototyping.
Comes with the package: leadership, solid experience with intercultural environments, strong team player.

web design0%
iOS Design0%
Material Design0%


Creativity is not a romantic concept. It’s the result of a lot hard working.

Website Design & Development

Online is not an option, it’s business critical. I design and build websites of all shapes and sizes that are exactly right for the companies I work with. Let’s talk about a website that will help you do business your way.

Graphic Design & Advertising

Your audience is over exposed to advertising messages and reluctant to see more. The solution to that challenge is powerful graphic design and advertising campaigns focused on the best things your business offers.

User Friendly

It can be hard to identify what makes your business special. Luckily, strategies make it crystal clear. I’ll help define your points of difference, the benefits you offer and the most important messages for your audience.


Wanna bring your cool project to life?